Media: painting, object, installation

2014 — Paris, France, residence Ivry sur Siene, RX Gallery
2013 — Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France, Artist-in-Residency
2013 — Groningen, Netherlands, Artist-in-Residency
2010 — Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France, Artist-in-Residency
2007 — High Art School in Berlin (professor Werner Liebmann)
2003-2009 — St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design (former V.Muhinoj),
1997-2002 — Venetzianov Tver Art school


Personal exhibitions:

2016 — «I do not want to be old» GridchinHall, art center Mocow
2015 — «I know what you did when you were thirteen» AnnaNova Gallery, S-pt
2014 — «The Illusion is More Horrifying Than the Reality» GridchinHall, Moscow
2013 — «Another dimension» Erarta gallery, Zurich
2012 — «Sterille cleanliness» Fine Art Gallery, Moscow
2011 — «Another dimension» AnnaNova Gallery, St.Petersburg
— «Beauty contest" Fine Art Gallery, Moscow
2009 — «Kafel» Guelman Gallery, Moscow
— «Forward in the past» Luda Gallery, St.Petersburg.
— «Beef» Navicula Artis Gallery, St. Petersburg.


Participation in exhibitions:

2017 — «Human interest», Grand Marina, Sochi, Russia
2016 — «The collective conscious. Dialogues with the classics», Centre for Contemporary Art Winzavod, Moscow
2015 — «We must cultivate our garden», Anna Nova gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia
2014 — «Season of wins!» MoscowManege, Moscow
2013 — Dinner is served'-The State Russian Museum, S-Pb

— 5 Moscow Biennale — Mediayard. Nationale research university higher school of economics.
— «From Saint-Petersburg with love» Groningen, Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum
— «New St-Pb» , Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, Netherlands
— «Russia XXI» Russian sculpture, museum Beelden aan Zee, Den Haag, Netherlands
— «Expo Nederland Ruslandjaar 2013» — Atrium, Sneek, Netherlands
2012 — «Mirror, mirror on the wall», Orel Art Gallery, Paris
— «Art-Moscow» Fine Art Gallery
— «Strategic project» MMOMA, Moscow, biennale of young art
— «Price» Agency ArtRu, Moscow, biennale of young art
— «The Feast of Being», RuArts gallery, Moscow, biennale of young art
— «Hidden room» Rizzordi Art Foundation, St.-Peterburg
2011 — MMOMA «Art is Art is Art» Moscow
— Moscow biennale (special program) — «ARTISTS OF THE WORLD», Agency. ArtRu Moscow
— Moscow biennale (parallel program) — «Nothingness» RUARTS Gallery, Moscow
— Bennale of contemporary art, Krasnoyarsk
— «Gates and doors» The Russian Museum S-Pb(catalogue)
— «Extremely, particularly» — Perm. Guelman Progect(catalogue)
— «New sculpture», New Museum, St-Pb(catalogue)
2010 — «La scène Russe contemporaine» Paris, Espace Art et Liberté à Charenton-le-Pont
— «Vis-à-vis» Lyon, Ecole des Beaux Arts (catalogue)
— «Workers and Phylosophs», Moscow, Skolkovo (catalogue)
— «Moscow Biennale of young artists», Moscow (catalogue)
— «Perm alive», Perm
— «Art-Moscow», Triumph Gallery
2009 — Russian beauty NCCA (National Centre for contemporary art) Moscow (catalogue)
— Universam, Moscow (art-project of young artists and curators) (catalogue)
— Bjcem Association, 14th Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Macedonia (catalogue)
— Woman in contemporary art, the Museum of Sculpture, St.Petersburg
2008 — «Dead Moroz is alive» Triumph gallery, Moscow
— Laughterlife, gallery «DIEHL+GALLERY ONE», Moscow
— White Space Gallery, London
— Fields Memory, Loft Project ETAGI, St.Petersburg
2007 — Atelier №2 Gallery, the Center of contemporary art Winzavod, Moscow



2007 – MUZA, The City Government Competition of Young Artists, St.Petersburg DIPLOMA, nomination «Young painter»
2006 – SELF-PORTRAIT, The City Government Competition, Tver – Grand Prix for the best work



MMOMA, Moscow
NCCA, Moscow
Museum of Contemporary Arts, Krasnoyarsk
Privat collections:
Russia, Germany, Italy, USA