Andrei Dvin has chosen seemingly contradictory directions - intuitive abstractionism and "deliberate", conceptual in nature installation. "Pure intuition" in the artist's abstract works reveals a tendency to touch, to connect fragments. At the same time, the artist is interested in the "effect of incompleteness". The incompleteness, on the one hand, reflects the limited perceptions and unwillingness to "complete" the universe itself, on the other hand, gives freedom to the viewer, giving him the opportunity to co-create with the author of the canvas. Installation, on the contrary, "puts you in a frame". It is an attempt to create a finished space, a finished thought, leaving still a free space for the mind.

Andrei Dvin's abstraction "embodying all languages and styles" leads away from what appears to him to be a simplification of reality. His "harmony parallel to nature" becomes open to dialogue, "interactive". Intuition embodies what the intellect is drawn to - connecting the disparate, creating a structure and restoring the destroyed integrity.


2022 First Prize of the International Osten Biennale of Drawings 2022. Skopje. Northern Macedonia

2018 Winner of the International festival of abstraction. Moscow, Central House of Artist


The works are in the collection


Sergey Kuryokhin Centre for Contemporary Art. St Petersburg

Museum of Nonconformist Art. St. Petersburg

Free Culture Foundation. Pushkinskaya 10, St. Petersburg

Museum of Fine Arts. Omsk

National Gallery of Northern Macedonia. Skopje

OSTEN Gallery Foundation. Skopje. Northern Macedonia




Omsk Pedagogical University. Faculty of Art and Graphic Arts.

Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art. Course: New artistic strategies.



1997 Admitted to the International Federation of Artists (IFA).


Selected personal and collective exhibitions

2023 "Two Worlds ". Joint project with Dmitry Shorin. Gridchinhall. Moscow region.

2023 Triptych AWA. Art Moscow. Sistema Gallery. Moscow.

2022 International Osten Biennale of Drawings 2022. National Gallery. Skopje. North Macedonia.

2022 "Landscape art - leave a creative mark". Budatower Museum Complex. Budapest.

2022 "LIFE/ÉLET" Budatower Museum Complex. Budapest.

2021 "The Next Day". Pacsa. Hungary.

2021 Art installation "Fifty/Ötven". International landscape art symposium. Rácalmás Nagy-Sziget, Hungary.

2020 "Abstraction in the avant-garde" Kuryokhin Centre for Contemporary Art. St. Petersburg.

2020 "THE LINE" Pacsa. Hungary.

2019 "Contemporary Art Exhibition". Pacsa. Hungary.

2018 "Art Week in Hungary". Budapest.

2018 "Abstraction in painting" competition. International festival of abstraction. 1st place.

Central House of Artist. Moscow.

2018 XXV International Exhibition-Competition of Contemporary Art within the framework of the Russian Art Week. Nomination: "Experiment". 1st place. ARTPlay, Moscow.

2000 "Project Black and White".  BOREYARTGALLERY. St. Petersburg.

1999 "Petersburg". Central exhibition hall Manege. St Petersburg.

1999 "Thing in itself". Spider and Mouse Gallery. Moscow.

1998 "ALEF". Gallery "Golden Way". Omsk.

1996 "Portrait of an acquaintance". Personal exhibition. Museum of the History of the City. St. Petersburg.

1996 "Seasons of the Year". Solo exhibition. GEZ 21. Pushkinskaya 10. St Petersburg.

1995 "Letter". Gallery 103. Pushkinskaya 10. St. Petersburg.

1992 "New Painting of Siberia". Warsaw. Poland.



Born in 1971 in Omsk. Lives and works in Moscow.