Pprofessors: Red People. Art-Constructor


“Pprofessors” group - Andrey Lublinskiy and Maria Zaborovskaya – creates both entertaining and recognizable projects-researches on the bounds of design and contemporary art. Exposition “Red people Art-Constructor” includes giant sculptures and small objects, print series on textile, comics, and video documentations about “Red People” travels. In this project authors examine formal figurative possibilities of standard unit in different contexts.

“Red People" is a modular system; by the use of the construction set you can assemble an anthropomorphous unit-person. Such set allows both to manipulate composition elements and to overstep the bounds of art styles and genres. “Red People” is the universal unit, a kind of “virus object”, and due to that it’s applicable almost into every context, not only being placed into, but entirely integrated.

The integration abilities of standard unit makes in possible to create an exposition especially for Gridchinhall: most of objects hasn’t been exposed before. This time Red Man goes countryside. The exhibition includes sculptures of different sizes, comics’ light-boxes, print series on textile, comics, and video documentations about “red people” travels. There is also an authors’ interpretation of well-known “LOVE” sculpture by Robert Indiana. And in the neighborhood of Dmitrovskoe village it’s planned to mount a landscape sculpture – Red Man sitting on a chair.
“Pprofessors” accumulate creation work motifs of a plenty cult authors, such as Malevich, Rodchenko, Bruskin, Giacometti, Haring, Gormley.

On the 21 of February within the bounds of “Red People Art-Constructor” exhibition, “Pprofessors” group held studies for primary school age children. Every child is willing to become a designer or an artist using only available improvised materials
10 minute film about the exhibition "Red People. Art Constructor" (In Russian)
Installation Views