The arts of Constantine Inal-Ipa continue the tradition of abstract expressionists of post-war Europe.


The abstracts by Constantine Inal-Ipa are spontaneous and free; sudden beauty and energy of inner necessity, in other words, the inner honesty lives inside them. He does not fear to be misunderstood, declining external and superficial aestheticism, he is searching for plastic ways to communicate the emotional experiences that are difficult to express in words. Engaging in his artistic vision of the world, Constantine builds the composition of his works in such a manner that the viewer has the feeling of remembering or initiation into the mystery of waking the thought. The artist boldly combines mixed media, collage and unexpected colour effects. The use of the seemingly rough and worn out material - torn, glued or permanently wrinkled - creates a feeling of great tension on the borderline between beauty and decay. Colour in the paintings of Constantine Inal-Ipa plays the role of a conductor, like the light penetrating into the secret corners of the soul inaccessible by other means. As a result, the viewer has the feeling of not only remembering, but also a sense of relief from being understood and not being alone.


Along with the emotional impact of Constantine’s works, the space also transforms. It would seem that only a picture appeared on the wall and it took the delicate decorative place in the interior. But through surprising ways of artistic influence the commonness suddenly becomes unique, banality turns into something original, and the interior is endowed with individual content.