Katya Tzareva was born in 1984 in Krasnodar, Russia. In 2006 she graduated from Kuban State University, faculty of "Architecture and design". In 2012 she held the first personal exhibition. Katya is in the list of the 100 top young artists as reported by "In Art" (THE DATABASE AND ANALYTICS OF RUSSIAN CONTEMPORARY ART). She works with painting, video, installations, objects. She lives and works in Izhevsk, Russia.



  In flourishing societies, people have always aspired to create a harmonious environment around themselves. We think a lot about the space around us, the things that we use every day, and our own personal appearance. All of this, for us, is by no means a trivial matter. I am deeply in love with the modern world, the world that we create every day, the world that we dream of! Its lines and shapes genuinely captivate me! It’s apparent in the form of laconic geometrical lines that begin with cityscapes and end with the precisely measured shapes of door handles.


As an artist, I am focused on the modern world that man has created as an integral part of it, his interactions with surrounding forms and his place among them, his perception of man himself as a form and the issue of the possibility of such a conception. I’m convinced that our everyday lives are inseparably linked to a conception or understanding of who we are. In the spaces that we create, we sleep, walk, eat, love, hate, await a miracle, raise children, cultivate flowers, and die. Every time I create a new work, I strive to perceive human life in a specific moment and in a specific space that I have constructed.


Usually I work in several media, but I establish painting as the base. Painting is integrated into installations, sculptures merge into painting, video allows us to fill with real life a medium that, in essence, isn’t a part of real life. In my works, I often use white colored acrylic paints as a symbol of modernist architecture, neon colors as striking sparkles on the body and the monochrome image of modern architecture, precisely apportioned down to the tiniest of details.