Katerina Belkina is known for her exceptional talent of seeing the world in a fresh way. Born in Samara, she was brought up in an artistic environment by her mother, also a painter. In her works Katerina Belkina applies the technique of photo montage and digital collage, bringing together photography and the art of painting. She often acts as a model for her own works.  


Says Katerina: “I am attracted to photography because it is realistic and because it is close to us. My being able to draw helps transform a picture and bring it closer to images that live inside my head. I like the confusion people experience when they look at my artwork. What is it? Painting or photography? Photography and Photoshop – these are my favourite tools.” 


Fine art education in the Fine Art Academy and the Mikhail Musorin School of Photography gave Katerina the tools to fulfil her creative ideas. Her sublime, mystical self-portraits were exhibited in Moscow, Paris, Berlin and Beijing. In 2007, Katerina Belkina was nominated for the prestigious Kandinsky award (it terms of significance, it is similar to the British Turner Prize) in Moscow. She was a multiple winner of the Moscow International Foto Awards MIFA. In 2015, she was awarded the international Lucan Cranach the Younger prize. 2016 saw her become a winner of the Hasselblad Masters Competition. She has participated in biennial exhibitions in Australia, Poland, Russia, the Netherlands, South Korea and Germany. 


Katerina lives and works in Berlin.