Legendary U-2 Airplane Tote Bag


An amazing aircraft. A favorite of collectors

The U-2 (Po-2), or the “Mule” in NATO Codification, was a multi-purpose biplane created under the supervision of aeronautical designer Polikarpov in 1927. One of the most reproduced planes in the world, in total about 33,000 of them were made. This aircraft was very simple and cheap, both to produce and to operate, and was easy to repair, making it quite suitable for the USSR. The plane was so simple to operate that even an inexperienced pilot was able to fly it easily. The U-2 “forgave” many of the mistakes made by pilots, which in any other plane would have certainly led to an accident. For example, it was almost impossible to take it into a corkscrew landing. If the pilot let go of the controls, the aircraft began gliding at a descent speed of 1 meter per second, and if there was a flat surface below, was able to land on it unaided.


Serge Stamper’s Aviation Collection

Serge Stamper’s pride is his full collection of Russian stamps, the oldest being from 1857, which he is thrilled to share with us. Collecting, which includes of course collecting stamps, is for Stamper a tool used to investigate life. Here Stamper’s aim was researching Russian and Soviet aviation. Aviation in the Soviet Union was considered a supremely important field, on the same level as space exploration. Stamper’s most vivid recollections include flying on expeditions in a Soviet An-2 airplane and in Mi-4, Mi-6, and Mi-8 helicopters. Yes, he loves to fly as well! 


Who is Serge Stamper?

Stamper is a man with an interesting life story. He spent his childhood in a circle of young natural scientists at the Darwin Museum, the largest museum of natural science in Europe. His passion for biology and botany are still aflame. In his youth Stamper worked on geological expeditions in Chukotka and on the border with Afghanistan. He learned the trade of jeweler and engraver at the Stroganov Academy, one of the top three art universities in Russia. In the 1990s and 2000s he became involved in business and was quite successful. Serge also has a passion for collecting. He amassed a collection of contemporary art, and dreams of starting a heraldry collection (but claims he is too lazy). However, realizing his long-held passion for biology is a must. We chose Serge Stamper as a supplier for our shop because of the wide range of his interests, his exquisite taste, and his incessant curiosity. 


What else you need to know about this bag:

A classic tote bag that'll withstand whatever you throw in it, from books to groceries!

• 100% bull denim cotton construction
• Dimensions: 14 ⅜” x 14” (36.5 cm x 35.6 cm)
• Dual handles
• Order processing time usually takes 3-7 business days before shipment
• This work is final sale and not eligible for return

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