3D print «USA» by Andrey Tarusov


USA (lenticular) – 3D lenticular print of limited edition, signed by the author. Published: 2019. 

medium size edition
3D lenticular print 66,93"×47,24" (170 × 120 cm) 25
3D lenticular print 47,24"×35,43" (120 × 90 cm) 50
3D lenticular print 35,43"× 25,59" (90 × 65 cm) 100

The front cover of the American Pinup Calendar, which was created by Andrey Tarasov based on his impressions of a trip to the United States. One of twelve of the country’s important locations is featured each month, while the cover symbolizes America as a whole. An American black-and-white photography of the 1950s served as a prototype. 

A moving, 3-D image – a lenticular print – is created using micro-lenses and printing software. It gives a dimension of depth to the space or creates the illusion of movement and shows different images when viewed from different angles.

- A lenticular lens sheet over the image. 
- Protective lamination between the image and stretcher.
- An Italian wood frame made of African abachi on the stretcher
- Loops and wire to hang on a wall
- Certificate of authenticity
- Made in Russia

About author

Andrey Tarusov is an artist and animator who creates pin-ups, comics, and animation. His Kickstarter project for his first art book, Red Pin-Up, raised more than 50,000 dollars in just a few weeks. When he lived in Moscow, Tarusov worked as an artist for Cosmopolitan, Maxim, and Komsomolskaya Pravda. He was involved with creating the concept art for the films Yolki and Vysotsky. Thank You for Being Alive. Among his Russian clients are Yandex, Beeline, and Gazprom. read more