3D print «Keds» by Sandra Kowalski

Glass (lenticular) – 3D lenticular print of limited edition, signed by the author. Published: 2019. 

medium size edition
3D lenticular print 47,24"×47,24" (120 × 120 cm) 25
3D lenticular print 35,43"×35,43" (90 × 90 cm) 50
3D lenticular print 23,62"× 23.62" (60 × 60 cm) 100

The work Keds is from the series Secret Desires. The series was commissioned by someone whose interests, like the majority of men, include cars, beautiful female bodies, and music. The customer asked the artist to create pictures that combined all of his hobbies for his newly-built home. After a month of looking for a theme, working on designs, and making sketches of guitars and cars, this series, which became a bestseller, was born. 

A moving, 3-D image – a lenticular print – is created using micro-lenses and printing software. It gives a dimension of depth to the space or creates the illusion of movement and shows different images when viewed from different angles.

- A lenticular lens sheet over the image.
- Protective lamination between the image and stretcher.
- An Italian wood frame made of African abachi on the stretcher
- Loops and wire to hang on a wall
- Certificate of authenticity
- Made in Russia

About author

The artist’s work provokes, teases, and boggles the mind. Pictures by Sandra Kowalski, an advocate of the erotic genre, makes pulses beat faster and paints secret desires with bright colors. Kowalski combines anatomical proportions and vivid colors with provocative themes bordering on the erotic. read more

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