3D print «Blind Man’s Bluff» by Alexander Zakharov

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Blind Man’s Bluff (lenticular) - 3D lenticular print of limited edition, signed by the author. Published: 2019. 

Series:  Karik and Valya

medium size edition
3D lenticular print 23.6×23.6" (60×60 cm) 150

The piece Blind Man’s Bluff by Aleksarndr Zakharov is part of the series Karik and Valya. The artist uses the characters from the famous book by Yan Larri, transforming them into an Adam and Eve for the new age. Zakharov believes that this new age will be three-dimensional. His 3D works always include action through movement. The small film – a piece of the big reality – is constantly playing out on the wall, with no batteries required.  

A moving, 3-D image – a lenticular print – is created using micro-lenses and printing software. It gives a dimension of depth to the space or creates the illusion of movement and shows different images when viewed from different angles. 

- A lenticular lens sheet over the image. 
- Protective lamination between the image and stretcher.
- An Italian wood frame made of African abachi on the stretcher
- Loops and wire to hang on a wall
- Certificate of authenticity
- Made in Russia

About author

Aleksandr Zakharov was one of the first residents of the squat on Furman Lane in Moscow, the center of unofficial Russian art in the late 1980s. For more than 15 years he worked in the United States, to which he emigrated during Perestroika. His provocative pictures have been exhibited in Soho multiple times. read more

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