3D print «Dogs Playing Poker» by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge


Dogs Playing Poker – 3D lenticular print of limited edition. Published: 2019. 

medium size
3D lenticular print 20,87"×31,50" (53 × 80 cm)
3D lenticular print 23,62"×35,43" (60 × 90 cm)
3D lenticular print 35,43"×47,24" (90 × 120 cm)

Dogs Playing Poker was quite the craze in the US in its time. The series was created in 1903 for a cigar company’s calendar. Coolidge proposed decorating the calendar with pictures depicting dogs acting like humans: sitting in bars, drinking beer and whisky, smoking cigars, and playing pool and poker. The artist sold one of these pictures almost immediately for 10,000 dollars, which in 1903 was a huge amount of money. Coolidge’s paintings became fashionable almost immediately, but unlike other flashes in the pan the public has never lost interest. At a New York auction, two paintings with the poker-playing dogs sold for 600,000 dollars.

A moving, 3-D image – a lenticular print – is created using micro-lenses and printing software. It gives a dimension of depth to the space or creates the illusion of movement and shows different images when viewed from different angles.

- A lenticular lens sheet over the image. 
- Protective lamination between the image and stretcher.
- An Italian wood frame made of African abachi on the stretcher
- Loops and wire to hang on a wall
- Certificate of authenticity
- Made in Russia

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