Two figures and a white house


This is actually a very optimistic picture

What does our "highbrow" curator say about the series:

Katya Tzareva is the artist who also works in the field of architecture and landscape design. Her interdisciplinary practices converge in the spaces inside her paintings. Their geometrics are composed of planes of lawns and 'white cube' constructions, inhabited by animate and inanimate characters. One of the key themes developed by the artist is defining human identity, often distinctly female, through its placement inside a man-made environment. Architectural spaces, constructed and designed by humans, simultaneously appear as surroundings shaping one’s condition and imbued with one's presence.

In the painting Two Figures and a White House” a third form of being (except human and architecture) emerges – a dog. This is a certain nod to Lucien Freud, who portrayed dogs side by side with human nudes, revealing them as different, yet unified in their corporeality. So in the works by Tzareva animals act as another element, against which the human identity is defined, floating between the man-made and the natural.

This is videoart part of the project. The author himself is in the frame. In case you are a video collector ...

Romantic artist from the city where the Kalashnikov assault rifle is produced

Katya Tzareva Artist

Also drew attention to Katia's T-shirt? Cool, we also like it.

Katya Tsareva is focused on beauty of the modern world, artificial world, that always bears the presence of humans. She finds it expressed in modern architecture and landscapes conquered by people. Humans in Tzareva’s artwork either become a part of this world or are in conflict with it. The artist is also concerned with the place of women and their personal identities, the question of self-representation. Examining women through their relationships with their bodies, their awareness of their bodies, the language of the body and the way it forms the limits of perception is one of the main themes for Tzareva.

In 2006 she graduated from "Architecture and design" of Kuban State University. After graduating she worked in the field that she studied at the university. In 2010 she left the architecture and shifted to art. The first personal exhibition was shown in 2012. Katya Tzareva took part in collective exhibitions in the CCI "Fabrika" (special project of V Moscow International Biennale for Young Art), Moscow Modern Art Museum, The Framers Gallery in London, Eurasian Modern Art Festival in Ekaterinburg. Works are included in a number of private collections. 

Born in 1984 in Krasnodar in the South of Russia, lives and works in Izhevsk.


What else you need to know about this picture:

Production time: 14-21 working days

paper size image size medium edition
16x20 (40.6x50.8 cm)
11.4x14.6 (29x37 cm)
Archival Print on Museum Quality Paper


18x24 (45.7x61 cm) 14.6x18.6 (37x47.2 cm)
Archival Print on Museum Quality Paper


24x36 (61x91.4 cm) 18.9x24 (48x61 cm)
Archival Print on Museum Quality Paper


Each work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

This work is final sale and not eligible for return

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