Everything will be fine

Anti-virus art project by Asya Dobrovolski
April 8, 2020
Everything will be fine

Quarantine and self-isolation found Asya Dobrovolski in the «Gridchinhall» art-residence. Asya urges not to panic by means available to the artist. We present her project «Everything will be fine».



It so happened that the first quarantine zone in Russia fell precisely in Asya’s hometown. Watching mass hysteria she wanted to scream:



“People stop, stop cursing at each other, stop

the hate, and don’t be afraid of your relatives

and neighbors ― calm down, everything will

be fine”.




But buckwheat and toilet paper were quickly disappearing from stores in her homeland of Tyumen and across Russia. From friends from different parts of the world, Asya found out that pasta is swept off the shelves in Italy, rice in China, all products in Spain and the USA, sugar in Germany, matches and butter in Ukraine, etc.




Asya Dobrovolski:



«What is happening now in the world is terrible

and very scary, but we must remain human and

support each other because we are all equal to

the virus».








Gridchinhall art-residence, March 2020