Katya draws her pictures with a simple pencil. She draws for a long time, in great detail, and very scrupulously. She draws simple objects – buckets, plates, typewriters, trees. But behind these normal things that we have all known since childhood hides an entire universe. Each image balances on the border between extreme concreteness and true abstraction. The large-scale format of her easel works and the technical luxuriousness of her classic drawing skills generate an unusual effect.

Katya developed under two traditions – the Moscow school of painting of the 1970s and traditional Japanese calligraphy. From these two phenomena, both very folk-like in nature, her works have acquired a quality that leaves behind the national and the temporal in art. After leaving the art department at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, she won the Japanese Monbuso scholarship and went to intern at the Tokyo Academy of Arts for two years. This strange turn of events allowed Rozhkova to master thematic and non-thematic painting, which would come to shape her unusual creative method.


Katya Rozhkova has participated in international fairs, biennales, and festivals, including Art Miami, the Armory Show, and ARCO. Her works can be found in the collections of the Novosibirsk State Art Museum, the Surgut Picture Gallery, the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, ABN AMRO Bank, Petrocommerce Bank, and Fleming Bank (London), as well as in private collections in Russia, Estonia, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France, Israel, the UK, and the US.


Rozhkova was born in Moscow in 1969.