Asya Dobrovolski is a multi-media artist working in the realms of photography, painting, graphic design, collage, video and mixed techniques. She frequently uses mirrors in her work. She explores philosophical problems that confront people today – be that forest fires in Siberia or the conflict of time found in old houses encased in a new shining wrapper.


Asya creates multi-dimensional statements going beyond the boundaries of genres: in order to recreate the atmosphere of the devastating forest fires, she exhibited partly burnt photographs of forests, turning these images into a symbol of environmental damage to the planet.

Asya Dobrovolski says: “I must speak out about this. I can only do it through an image, so there you have it!”


Each of her works is an invitation to a dialogue about a topic that concerns the artist; an invitation to ponder, to try and push boundaries or go beyond the stereotypical perception of reality. And, possibly, change the reality itself by changing one's view of it.


Asya Dobrovolski was born in Tyumen, Western Siberia, in 1992. In 2018, she graduated from the Free Artist Studios School of Contemporary Art. She is a two-time recipient of the grant awarded by the president of the Russian Federation to support talented young people. Asya is a multiple winner of the Delphic Games of Russia and the Delphic Games of CIS. Her works can be found in the collection of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and in private collections in Russia and abroad. Asya is a member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers.


She lives and works in Moscow and is a student at the Joseph Backstein Modern Art Institute in Moscow.